"Photos by Nicholas"
"art of capture"


After suffering a stroke, I was blessed to be physically fine, but mentally my passion for art came to the forefront of who I was and now am. It has been said that "one changes one’s career at least once in their life" and for me this is my change, my moment. Being a perfectionist I have taken my eye for detail and problem solving and incorporated it into my photography, with stunning results. It is not about the money I can make from this new venture; it is about fulfilling a lifelong passion of capturing those special moments in life that God passes our way through His infinite beauty in His creation. It is also about bringing photography back to basics, with minimal adjustments to any photos. I base my work purely on the gift that Yeshua has given me, "eye for capturing" what I see. My clients are assured of the uniqueness and quality of what they are receiving and along with this they receive a wealth of business acumen and professionalism.